Configurable Software Application

In the pre-Destiny Networks connected home environment, automation software was either embedded in chips by the manufacturer, or was customized by a field technician for the individual house. Now Destiny Networks has introduced a more efficient, cost effective, and reliable approach to home automation. Our patent pending configurable software, Ubiquity, allows for faster installation with fewer problems. We program the software at our facility, and then enable the software application to be easily configured at the home to meet the needs of the homeowner. We carefully test the application at the factory, including beta site tests at real homes. This way the released software is fully tested before installing in the home. Additionally, any enhancements can be shared across all homes, enabling the software to be both scalable and future-proof.

Configurable software applications are not new to industry. They have been used for decades on mainframe and minicomputers to do finances, manage inventories, and pay payroll. In the last 20 years, configurable software applications have been used on the personal computer in a wide range of applications including Microsoft's Word™ and Money™, as well as Intuit's TurboTax™ and Quicken™. In Quicken, people have different financial needs, but all can choose to use the same application to manage their home finances.

Similarly, all homeowners can chose the simplicity and benefits of Destiny Network's configurable software to control their homes. Compared with custom programming, configurable software is less expensive, offers better user interfaces, is delivered sooner, is more reliable and has more people to support the application. In addition, configurable software can easily be upgraded as the homeowner's needs change. This feature is especially important since new technologies are announced regularly. For example, imagine adding a new progressive scan DVD to a theater. With a configurable software application, the homeowner or the integrator can integrate this new component into the existing software with a few mouse clicks. Destiny Networks brings the power, reliability and efficiency of configurable software applications to home technology.



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