Welcome to your Destiny. One of the objectives of the Digital Home is to make your life easier by simplifying everyday, routine activities such as turning on multiple Audio/Video components to watch a movie or turning on the outside lights at dusk.  Destiny Networks provides the solution for reliably controlling your entertainment system with a plethora of easy-to-use and intuitive remote controls and graphic displays, and you can then easily grow the system to monitor, control, and automate the rest of your Digital Home.  

Imagine a home entertainment system so simple to use that even a first time user can have an incredible entertainment experience.  No one else offers a controller that is so easy and reliable to use.  You can control your theater with a simple, intuitive hand held remote control, a more capable soft-button remote control, or the sophistication and elegance of a touch screen display.

The experience does not have to stop in the theater. Destiny Networks also enables a variety of user interfaces to control distributed Audio/Video, lights, shades, security, heating and cooling, and more.  Use your computer from work to monitor your home and adjust temperature and lighting.  Use keypads at doorways to turn on and off entertainment in the room.  Create time-based events. Or simply walk into a room and let handsfree automation do everything for you.

To get started, please see how Your Home Theater can have a New Destiny. For a more complete list of what is possible, please see our List of Home Automation Applications. Your Destiny awaits!


Home Theater Control

Simple and reliable for homeowners to use, quick and easy to install - all at an affordable price. Read about it or See a video.

Point & Click Configuration

Point & Click to create a schematic of a home theater. You just "programmed" the remote control and generated a rich graphic display, also. See a video of it in action


Applications for the Digital Home

Find out what you can do with technology to simplify your life.

Domain 3000 and Domain 2000

See the Domain Controllers that are generating so much excitement.


Configurable Software Application

See what makes Destiny so easy to use. Control your entertainment and all your residential systems without custom programming.


CEDIA Member

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