Give me simple, reliable control of my home theater. To paraphrase a famous saying, "If they can send a man to the moon..., why can't they make a remote control for my home theater that is easy-to-use and works every time?". Now, you can have what you want.

Your Home Theater Has a New Destiny.


Give me more from my lighting system. A lighting control system can add drama to your home. Lighting scenes set the mood for a room with the touch of a single button, and the lights fade in gradually instead of blinking on and off. In the past, these capabilities were all programmed into the lighting system. Now, you can be in control.

Your Lighting System Has a New Destiny.


Give me more control of my home. Entertainment and lighting are two of the most requested applications of the Digital Home. Don't stop there, now you can simplify life in your whole home.

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The ultimate user interface is no user interface. I want to walk into a room and have the room responds to my presence. Now, you can have that, too.

Handsfree Automation responds to you.





Configurable Software

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