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Domain Controller

The Domain Controller is the computer that provides control of your digital home. It runs the Ubiquity™ configurable software application and supports a plethora of user interfaces.


Domain 3000

The Domain 3000 is Destiny Networks' 3rd generation Domain Controller. With 25 ports of connectivity, it can control almost any entertainment system, plus lighting and more. The Domain 3000 is a dedicated computer for entertainment and home control with no moving parts to break down or make noise.

Domain 3000 Pin Out

Domain 3000 Datasheet

Domain 3000 Getting Started - One Room Theater



Domain 2000

The Domain 2000 extends the number of ports controlled by the Domain 3000 - providing an additional 13 ports per Domain 2000.






Domain 2000 Pin Out

Domain 2000 Datasheet




Ubiquity Software

Ubiquity is a Configurable Software Application that runs in the Domain Controller and provides the ability to monitor and control home electronics including: home theaters, whole house music, lights,  windows, fans, curtains, fireplaces, keypads, gates, fountains, sprinklers, heating and air conditioning, and other electronic components. Ubiquity also enables handsfree automation.

Ubiquity Datasheet

   Ubiquity (for integrators)

   Find My Destiny (for homeowners)


Handsfree Automation

Handsfree automation is home automation that does not require the push of a button or the speaking of words. Walk into a room of your home and the room responds to your presence. The lights may turn on to provide light, the music may begin to play, the heating or air conditioning may turn on to make the area more comfortable, the curtains may open to let the sunlight in through the windows, the fireplace may turn on to make it more romantic, and many other components of home electronics may respond to your presence.

Learn about Handsfree Automation and the Home Positioning System (HPS).


Domain 350 Shub

The Domain 350 Sensor Hub (a.k.a., the Shub) provides power and signal connectivity for up to 16 Acuity sensors and/or dry contact closures. The Domain 350 Sensor Hub then provides a first level of digital signal processing of the sensor signals as part of the overall Home Positioning™ System. Sensor information is then aggregated by the Sensor Hub and sent via Ethernet to the Domain Controller on the local area network.

Domain 350 Datasheet

Domain 350 Installation Guide

Domain 350 Ports Worksheet






Acuity 57 Area Sensor

The Acuity 57 area sensor is an exceptionally sensitive sensor capable of detecting even small movements in a room and is a key component of the Home Positioning™ System. The Acuity 57 area sensor must be wired to the Domain 350 Sensor Hub.

Acuity 57 Datasheet



Acuity 47 Entry/Exit Sensor

The Acuity 47 Entry/Exit Sensor is the only sensor available that is sensitive enough and fast enough to be used as an entry/exit sensor in the Home Positioning™ System. The Acuity 47 entry/exit sensor must be wired to the Domain 350 Sensor Hub.

Acuity 47 Datasheet







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