Total Solution for your Digital Home


Destiny Networks provides a total solution for monitoring, controlling, and automating your digital home. A typical home consists of a Domain Controller (such as the Domain 3000) running the Ubiquity™ configurable software application and various other devices, components, and user interfaces. The system is then networked together using IP and other networking standards so that you can access your entire digital home from almost anywhere.

The objective of the digital home is to simplify your life by automating everyday, routine activities such as turning on multiple AV components to watch a movie, turning on the outside lights at dusk, turning off all the lights and arming the security system with a single button when you go to bed, etc. In addition, recent advances in technology have enabled handsfree automation where, literally, when you walk into the room, the room responds to your presence.

Imagine a home theater so simple that even a first time user can have an incredible entertainment experience.  No one else offers a controller that is so easy and reliable to use.  You can control your theater with a simple, intuitive hand held remote control, a more capable soft-button remote control, or the sophistication and elegance of a touch screen display.

The experience does not have to stop in the theater. Destiny Networks also enables a variety of user interfaces to control distributed Audio/Video, lights, shades, security, heating and cooling, and more.  Use your computer from work to monitor your home and adjust temperature and lighting.  Use keypads at doorways to turn on and off entertainment in the room.  Create time-based events. Or simply walk into a room and let handsfree automation do everything for you.

The best way to get started is by controlling a home theater. Click on Getting Started: One Room Theater and follow along. After you experience how easy it is to configure entertainment equipment, you may want to return here and read more about the system and what it can do.

This System Overview will lead you through a discussion of Home Automation and introduce the concepts used throughout the manual. Possibly, the most interesting section of the manual is  the list of Home Automation Applications. It  will provide you with lots of ideas on creating your own digital home. It will then proceed to walk you through the list of wires to add to your new or existing home and how to wire them. Finally, it will drill down on exactly how to implement each of the digital home applications. You will find that after the wires have been run from the devices in your home to the Domain Controller, most of the digital home applications can be configured in a few minutes or even less.