Your Home Theater Has a New Destiny.

By combining a simple remote control with an intelligent controller, Destiny Networks revolutionizes home theater control. The home theater becomes simple and reliable for the homeowner to use, and quick and easy for the integrator to install - all at an affordable price.

The Destiny Networks' Domain 3000 is ideally suited for controlling a home theater. The combination of a simple remote control with a powerful controller provides users with the most intuitive interface possible.  Press one of the source buttons on the remote, and the Domain 3000 which is co-located with your AV components, responds by sending all the necessary commands to turn on and set up all the appropriate components in your theater. The commands are sent from the controller, not the remote, so there is no need to continue pointing the remote at the equipment for long periods of time.  Now press "Pause" and since the controller knows what you were watching, it sends the pause command to the correct component.  It's really that simple.

In the past integrators have had 2 choices. At the high end there are the custom solutions using high end controllers that provide the homeowner with a solution that is simple and reliable to use. At the same these solutions are expensive and time consuming to install and make changes to.

Alternatively, integrators can use programmable remotes such as Pronto and Theater Master. These are quick and easy to install, but some times the AV equipment gets out-of-sync and then the homeowner must really understand the entire path of audio and video signals as they make there way through his equipment - which can be very frustrating for homeowners and especially for their spouses and friends.




Obviously, there is a large hole in the middle that is now filled by the Domain 3000. It provides a solution that is simple and reliable for the homeowner to use and quick and easy for the integrator to install - all at an affordable price.

Control like this once required many hours of custom computer programming. However, the software application that configures the Domain 3000 uses menus and mouse clicks, not a programming language. This translates into a faster installation, more reliable control, and less expense.

"It used to take days to program a remote control for the high end theaters I install." said Mark Fielder of Domus Technologies in Reno, NV. "Now, I can create the control program in minutes and hand the schematic output to my installer to do the wiring."

The configurable software application is critical to the ease-of-installation of the Domain 3000, but the hardware is important, too. The Domain 3000 has 25 ports of connectivity to easily connect to everything that needs to be controlled in the theater room. This includes 8 independent IR output ports, 4 video sync sensor input ports, 4 digital input or video sync sensor ports, 4 form "C" relays, 2 voltage triggers, 2 serial ports, 1 RF receiver port, and 1 Ethernet port.

While the RC-1 remote control may be the easiest-to-use hard button remote control available today, homeowners like choice, and the Domain 3000 provides that choice by tightly integrating the Theater Master MX-800 & MX-3000, the RTI T1 & T2, Pronto TSU-3000 & TSU-7000, and other RF learning remote controls with the Domain 3000. If the homeowner wants additional control via an LCD display with hard buttons or he wants an incredible color display, he can still enjoy the ease-of-use and reliability offered by the Domain 3000.

Beyond the ease-of-use, rock-solid reliability, and plethora of user interfaces, the Domain 3000 also enhances the entertainment experience by integrating plasma lifts, dropdown screens, window treatments, and lighting into the home theater experience. Touch one of the many source buttons on the RC-1 remote control and the lights dim, the curtains close, and the plasma display automatically lifts up or the projector screen drops down. Push the pause button and the lights brighten enough to see around the room. Push the play button and they dim again so that everyone becomes totally immersed in the theater experience.

"If a homeowner wants the 'Big Theater Experience' of touch screen displays, plasma lifts, motorized curtains, and lights that dim automatically, at a reasonable price, the Domain 3000 is the way to do it," said Ken Klarfeld of Fusion Audio in Eugene, OR. "And, because it can all be done with Destiny Networks' configurable software application, I don't lose money debugging programs for days on end."

The Domain 3000 is primarily targeted at theater control. It uses the a Linux operating system and runs the Ubiquity™ configurable software application that totally eliminates custom programming.



Provides you :

  • One touch source selection

  • Reliable control of AV components

  • Easy to add additional components

  • Control of lights, window treatments, more


Configurable Software

See what makes Destiny so easy to use. Control your entertainment and all your residential systems without custom programming


"I've gone through several all-in-one remotes that gave me a single remote to control my theatre", said Morgan Littlewood, a homeowner in California. "However, they all suffered from reliability problems with IR macros where only some units responded correctly and individual units would end up powered on or off in the wrong way. As a qualified engineer, I could resolve the issues, but my family wouldn't use the theatre because they couldn't handle the complexity. With the Domain 3000, the reliability and simplicity of the RF remote has greatly increased the value of the theatre for my whole family. It also makes it easy to add new components to my theater because it is so easy to re-configure the Destiny controller."










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